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Inter-Animal Introductions

Do you own a pet and are also thinking about fostering or adopting another species? Wondering how to introduce them successfully? Then this workshop is for you!

The secret to successfully introducing different species to each other is not to rush the steps -- go slower than you may think. With patience and vigilance, you can usually reach a place of peaceful co-existence between your animals.

Join talented members of our Training Department to learn strategies, tips, and tricks so you can feel more confident in your abilities to introduce animals of different species.

About Your Speakers:

Catherine Collins,
Animal Enrichment Specialist, Training Department
Catherine Collins has worked at Toronto Humane Society for 11 years as a trainer and animal enrichment specialist. For 10 years prior, she was a volunteer Toronto Humane Society dogwalker while holding down her day job as a magazine editor. One day, Cathy realized that much as she loved helping writers, she loved helping dogs more. She left her career and joined the canine training department. She has had many wonderful teachers over the years, including her dogs Lola, Percy, and Mary. There are no felines in Cathy's life, but she has guided many foster parents through dog and cat intros.

Sydney Wellham,
Training Assistant, Training Department
Sydney has a Bachelor of Science with a specialization in Zoology at Laurentian University. She joined Toronto Humane Society in 2018 as an animal care worker and became a training assistant in 2020.
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