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Feline Vet Visits

Did you know that 58% of cat owners believe their cat hates visiting the veterinarian and 38% also said they get stressed at the thought of veterinary visits (Bayer HealthCare and the American Association of Feline Practitioners)? During this education session, we will investigate why that is and what makes cats and their parents uneasy about this necessary annual visit. Bidisha will also share insight on the variety of ways we can mitigate the problem and provide tips on how to make vet visits less stressful.

About Your Speaker
Bidisha Mukherjee
Feline Training Assistant

Prior to joining Toronto Humane Society, Bidisha Mukherjee worked as a lecturer in India for 5 years, then as an Educational Interpreter at Philadelphia Zoo, USA, for 2 years, where she handled insects, small mammals, reptiles and birds for educational programs. She also worked at the largest no kill animal shelter in Philadelphia for 7 years, starting as a feline care volunteer. There, Bidisha transitioned through many roles ranging from dog walker to in-house veterinary technician to adoption agent.

Her growing passion for animal behaviour inspired her to join the team at Toronto Humane Society alongside some of the best animal welfare professionals in the industry. She rescued her two cats, Miracle and Mango, while living in the US. They traveled with her to Canada 2 years ago.
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