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Social Hour: Raising Well-Adjusted Kittens

Shannen McNee, CCBC, Certified Animal Trainer, discusses the importance of early socialization, how to expose kittens to new experiences in a positive way, and talk about the benefits of training.

Raising well-adjusted kittens is a very important job. The socialization period for kittens begins at 3 weeks of age and the experiences kittens have during this time can impact them throughout their entire lives.

About Your Speaker
Shannen McNee
CCBC, Certified Animal Trainer

Shannen began her career working with cats in-shelter as a Feline Enrichment Specialist, providing daily enrichment, conducting assessments and carrying out behaviour modification training to help set these feline friends up for success in their adopted homes.

In her current day to day, Shannen meets with cat owners virtually to provide thorough assessments and management and training solutions for cat owners. She also runs Toronto Humane Society’s virtual feline group training classes.

Shannen is a Certified Cat Behavior Consultant through the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, a Fear Free Shelter Graduate, and holds a Low Stress Handling Silver Level Certification from Low Stress University which carries on the legacy of Dr. Sophia Yin.
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